World’s first Smart Energy Control Center at the Wind Technology Workshop 2020

Starting tomorrow, June 8th to 11th 2020, the Technology Workshop organized by Wind Europe will take place online. The unprecedented pandemic situation hasn’t stopped the connection between experts, professionals and interested parties in the wind energy sector from carrying out one of the most important wind workshops at a European level to continue sharing knowledge and expertise, this time through the screen.

The key subjects proposed by Wind Europe this year are: Analysis of Operating Wind Farms, Resource Assessment and other general and strategic topics. 

In the first sessions we will have the opportunity to look at how far we have come over the past decades in the development of pre-construction methods thanks to a new data-based paradigm. Analytics and condition monitoring will also be at the core of this discussion as tools that can enhance other functions. 

Despite having increasingly advanced technology that allows us to efficiently operate wind farms, uncertainty continues to be an intrinsic aspect of renewable energies. That is why understanding what the different sources are, and knowing how to mitigate the associated risks, is very important. Wind climate uncertainties have great relevance in load assessment and we will explore their extent.

During the second day, Mike Anderson, Chair of ETIPWind Advisory Group, will open the session of blockage and wakes. We will question the existing wake models, since these have been proven to  misrepresent turbine wakes as wind farms become larger. Right after that, LiDAR technology improvement and new applications for the wind industry will be explored.   

On June 10th, Jorge López, business developer at Green Eagle Solutions, will analyze the performance of the recently launched SECC (Smart Energy Control Center). His speech is included in the machine learning and big data session since the new Green Eagle’s control center applies the mentioned technologies to the wind sector. The utilization of these new digital tools are giving very significant returns when carrying out complex operational and economic analysis to maximize wind farms profitability. 

The wind technology workshop 2020 will end with three final sessions on data-driven operations, end of life and business models, and climate change. 

The accessibility of a greater amount of data today makes it possible to have a more global vision not only of what happens at the power plant, but also of economic factors that can add value when operating wind farms. In addition, due to the average life expectancy of these power plants, we face a situation in which we will have to choose different options: extend the operational life of the assets, re-power the site or decommission.

At Green Eagle Solutions, we are delighted to present our intelligent control center at the Technological Workshop 2020. Our mission is to revolutionize renewable energy production and promote continuous improvement through smart automation technologies.

Automation at Green Eagle’s Smart Energy Control Center (SECC)

Depending on the chosen operational strategy, the automation of operations can be focused on maximizing plant availability, extending the useful life of assets, reducing OPEX or maximizing profit depending on the spot market. That is why SECC’s team works together with owners and operators of wind farms to set computational logic rules and automate the actions, and finally analyze KPIs to redefine the operational strategy if necessary.

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