ARSOS Operation & Maintenance

Optimise remote operations and power regulations with automated commands and 1:1 generation unit care

A SaaS platform that deploys software robots across your entire renewable energy fleet

Monitor and control different technologies from a centralised platform.

ARSOS O&M – Monitor provides renewable energy owners and operators with a comprehensive view of their assets’ performance.

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Automate anomaly troubleshooting to increase availability.

Autonomous detection and resolution of alarms, warnings and any other fault status that prevents your assets of being available and ready to produce.
Empowers users to define protocols depending whether the strategy is to increase production or extend assets’ lifetime.

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Monitor and control key performance indicators of electrical substations.

Track voltage levels, current flows, and other critical parameters to detect potential issues and take corrective action before they escalate into more serious problems.
Remote control capabilities for essential substation equipment, such as circuit breakers, switches, and transformers.

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Connect ARSOS Operation & Maintenance with your existing systems and hardware, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your operations.

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From our own control room, dedicated technicians ensures that over 15 GW connected to the platform receive assistance and real-time solutions.

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