Green Eagle Solutions to become the reference for Control Center Automation in France

Looking to consolidate its presence in the European market, the technological company Green Eagle Solutions has recently become a member of France Energie Eolienne (FEE). Green Eagle Solutions will collaborate from now on with the French wind energy association to share ideas and improve the knowledge of wind farms operations in the «Hexagone.«

The French market has enormous potential for improving wind farms operations. With over 16GW of installed capacity, wind energy in France represents today around 30% of the total renewable installed capacity. Moreover, between 2010 and 2020, wind installed capacity has had a CAGR% (compound annual growth rate) of 9%.

Wind farm operators servicing the French market can obtain enormous benefits from automating their operating processes. This is especially true considering that remote operations are becoming increasingly complex, with an ever-growing number of OEM technologies needing supervision, compliance with grid regulations, environmental restrictions or budget constrictions. Also, the renewable installed capacity continues to increase every year, with nonstop investments from national and international players. As a result, ROC operators are starting to look to technological companies for a solution that will assist them in this ordeal.

From Green Eagle Solutions’ experience, automation can help French ROC operators to:

  1. Optimize manpower by aiding operators to avoid repetitive tasks, and instead focus on added value activities.
  2. Attain a quicker and more intelligent response time by leveraging all available data and historical operations knowledge.
  3. Increase assets safety by performing preventive actions based on assets, components or environmental conditions.
  4. Implement strategies beyond human capabilities while addressing environmental restrictions needs, energy market prices fluctuations and/or commercial policies.

With numerous projects already implemented in the country, Green Eagle Solutions looks forward to becoming the reference software solution for wind farms automated operations in the French renewable energy market. To achieve this, they plan on becoming the operators’ most trusted partners, helping them overcome their difficulties through automation. À bientôt!

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