Green Eagle Solutions steps up in France to support an important ISP

Independent service providers, OEM third party technology services, asset managers and other O&M service providers are flourishing in the wind industry since the demand of O&M services is rapidly growing. According to GWEC’s latest report on Wind O&M Service Provider Overview and Database, of the 650 GW of wind power installed by the end of 2019, around 75% is out of warranty. This means that there is a great opportunity in the O&M market that will continue experiencing a major boom during the next five years.

O&M providers might encounter several obstacles when it comes to the operation of multi-brand energy portfolios. The most common reasons have to do with the wide diversity of OEM technologies that they must acknowledge, and the increasingly complex operational protocols that must be followed. These protocols will always vary depending on the OEM technology, wind turbine technology, asset owner finance strategy, the region where they operate and/or the maturity of a certain market.

In this scenario, Green Eagle Solutions is helping an important independent service provider to operate 50 MW installed in France. This portfolio is composed of 6 wind farms, 4 of them located in the center of the country and another 2 in the southeast.

This major ISP not only operates in France, but also manages hundreds of MW worldwide and has to deal with a wide variety of OEM technologies. This is where the operation of such a considerable fleet can become very complicated, due to the specifications of each wind turbine technology and the operational strategies and protocols that must be carried out to comply with owners’ contracts.

Thanks to the automation technology that Green Eagle Solutions has developed, its remote operations center allows the operation of these plants to be much faster, but above all, more efficient. From Green Eagle’s ROC in Seville, ARSOS technology monitors assets in real time, automatically executes any stop or restart command, and sends automated notifications to operators on-field. The system is able to proceed with these operations automatically, always taking into account the selected strategies of the wind farm’s owner, either if this strategy is focused on increasing availability and production, or on the contrary, preserving wind turbine lifespan.

France is one of various countries already operating its wind farms from an artificial intelligence powered control center. To dig deeper into the benefits of this service, go to Green Eagle Solutions’ 24/7 Remote Control Center. 

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