Green Eagle Signs Maintenance Service Contract for a NORDEX SCADA MITA

The following main services were defined in the project scope:

  • SCADA MITA monitoring and supervision to assure fully 24/7 operations
  • 24/7 Incident maintenance and troubleshooting
  • SCADA MITA assessment and reverse engineering for the development of an external report manager

This contract, entered into with Group Jorge S.L., is part of the Third-Party Control System Maintenance service line offered by Green Eagle Solutions S.L. and will constitute the first contact between both companies.

Third-party control system maintenance requires expertise and specialization in handling very high SCADAs due to the lack of operating information related to such systems; thus, this market represents a key strategic line for Green Eagle.

The complexity of the SCADA MITA – installed back in 2004 – is primarily based on the fact that it is an obsolete proprietary system, devoid of warranty and support from its manufacturer.

Additionally, given that historical data of SCADA MITA are encrypted, it becomes necessary to perform a reverse-engineering assessment to enable data interpretation in order to develop the report manager.

The launch of this prototype project marks the start of a relation between Green Eagle Solutions S.L. and Grupo Jorge S.L.

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