Green Eagle Solutions participates in the 4th Spanish Wind Power Conference

On Wednesday the 27th of June at 15:30, Green Eagle Solutions, provider of SCADA solutions for the renewable energy sector, will give its presentation “The virtual operator of wind farms for increasing production”, as a part of the technical conference “The wind farm management in a new operating context” of the 4th Spanish Wind Power Conference.

“In an operating context marked by reduced energy prices, continuous improvement is necessary in order to optimise the efficiency of O&M of installations so that wind farms are able to become more competitive and profitable,” stated Alejandro Cabrera, CEO of Green Eagle Solutions. “We believe that it is mandatory to move toward increasingly intelligent automation of operations, helping to improve the profitability of installations.”

In the paper presented by Alejandro Cabrera, the implementation of CompactSCADA® Virtual Operator in wind farms will be analyzed, showing the actual results of several case studies, in which it can be seen how energy production has increased, costs have been saved of maintenance and the profitability of the plants has been increased. Attendees of the Conference will learn how with the incorporation of this module – an artificial intelligence tool that automatically executes the operating protocol – the O&M manager has been able to design their operating strategy with well-defined objectives and establish the rules of the operating protocol, being able to take into account factors outwith the wind farms such as energy prices and environmental conditions, average wind speeds and gusts. In this way, they were able to define the scenarios in which it was appropriate to stop the machines, start them, or when the wind farm technician should be sent to carry out a maintenance operation.

The 4th Spanish Wind Power Conference, which will be held on the 26th and 27th of June at Hotel Meliá Avenida de América (Madrid), is the key meeting point in the national and international wind power industry, with a programme of high level conferences split into two days. The first day has more legal oriented conferences, in which guests of the highest level will contribute on issues such as the analysis of the current situation of wind power in Spain. The second day will hold technical conferences in which case studies on the challenges and solutions that affect our industry will be analysed.

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