Green Eagle Solutions debuts as a new member of WindEurope

The company will participate in the event Analysis of Operating Wind Farms 2018, May 15 and 16, Vilnius (Lithuania).

Green Eagle Solutions, provider of software solutions for renewable energy companies, has gone a step further in its internationalization process with its recent partnership with WindEurope, the voice of the wind industry that promotes wind energy in Europe and the rest of the world.

«After starting our activity in Italy, France and the United Kingdom, we considered that it was time to continue showing our support to the industrial associations of the sector, as we did with AEE in Spain, being a member of WindEurope,» says Alejandro Cabrera, CEO of Green Eagle Solutions. «In addition, we want to participate actively in the working groups that aim to digitize the sector proposed by ETIPWind®, the European Technology and Innovation Platform on wind energy».

As a new partner of WindEurope, Green Eagle Solutions wants to make available to all members of the association their knowledge and products as CompactSCADA® Virtual Operator, a tool designed specifically for O & M directors and heads of Control Centers, which allows them to improve the availability of wind turbines, increase the production of the wind farms and operate the turbines in an individualized way taking into account different inputs such as the condition status of each turbine, the weather forecasts or the market price. This technology facilitates the adaptation of its facilities to the digitalization objectives of the sector, contributing more value to its management and improving its profitability.

The first action of Green Eagle Solutions in WindEurope will be its participation in the Analysis of Operating Wind Farms 2018 event, which will take place on May 15 and 16 in Vilnius (Lithuania), where it will present its technology to increase the profitability of wind farms with an intelligent automatic operations service.

Green Eagle Solutions has more than 130 installations connected to its CompactSCADA® solution, which adds more than 2 GW of installed power, and which includes turbines from different technologists such as Gamesa, Vestas, GE, Enercon, Siemens, Nordex, Made, Ecotecnia or Neg Micon.

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