New legacy SCADA maintenance and support department in Seville

Green Eagle Solutions, a supplier of software solutions for renewable energy facilities, has opened an office in Seville to centralise the legacy SCADA maintenance and support department. Leading the department is Juan Jesús Salas Rivero, who coordinates maintenance work on the oldest SCADAs and provides support to those who have implemented CompactSCADA® Local Energy Control from Green Eagle Solutions.

“For some time we have observed an increase in the demand for our 24/7 maintenance and support service for legacy SCADAs, so we are providing the necessary resources to continue improving the service and allow clients to reduce SCADA maintenance costs by up to 20%,» states Alejandro Cabrera, CEO of Green Eagle Solutions. «In Spain, 46% of wind turbines are over 15 years old, and 43% are between 10 and 15 years old*, but continue to be profitable if appropriate maintenance is carried out and SCADA systems are updated”.

The Green Eagle Solutions maintenance and support service is characterised by being proactive, to prevent periods of downtime and ensure that the SCADA is always operational for park technicians.

However, local maintenance and support for SCADA is not enough; the Green Eagle mission is to modernise SCADAs and provide new functionalities such as access from mobile devices, efficient notification of events through the mobile application, and the automatic integration of the machines’ operating systems. A wind farm having old machines does not mean that the head of operations and maintenance is obligated to continue working with SCADAs from the 90s. The owner can improve the profitability of their facilities and prolong the lifespan of the old wind farms with suitable tools.

Green Eagle Solutions has experience in the maintenance and retrofitting of a wide variety of SCADAs such as MADE, Geswind, Gamesa SGIPE and WindNet, Nordex Control I, Wizcon, WinCC, CER, OpenSCADA, and also in the analysis and study of other non-commercially owned SCADAs.

* Information from the Spanish Wind Energy Association.

NdP 6/2016

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