Green Eagle participates in Genera 2015

Green Eagle Solutions partipated in Genera 2015, the energy and environmental fair trade that took place in Madrid in Febrary 24-27th.

The team was very excited to attend to this event that provided a valuable opportunity to bring together the key stakeholders from across the energy sector, and those who interact with the energy sector to discuss how the contribution from renewable energy can be maximized and implemented most effectively.

In this event, Green Eagle focused successfully in promoting the following product and services:

  • 24/7 SCADA Operation Service: Our operation service team takes care of the facilites 24/7. Following the protocols defined by the customers.  Thanks to the advanced, semi-automated monitoring tools developed by Green Eagle Solutions, the decisions are taken and performed with response times less than one minute.
  • Third-Party SCADAs Maintenance Service: Retrofitting and maintenance of obsolete third party SCADAs.
  • RBM, Market-Based Regulation: regulation of energy production based on the price of the energy set by the market and published hourly.
  • CompactSCADA: definitely a product that will make a difference in the SCADA development process. CompactSCADA is a middle-ware designed to make the development of the SCADA easier and faster, minimizing the cost of the process and simplifying the maintenance of the system.

«Because we are very proud of the products and services that we provide, presence in these events is a key part of our new expansion strategy and will continue in 2016», Alejandro Cabrera, CEO

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