ARSOS for Intelligent Control at the International Summit on the Operational Analysis of Wind Farms 2020

 Last November 19th and 20th, the Spanish Wind Energy Association celebrated the International Summit on the Operational Analysis of Wind Farms 2020. Even though this event was held online due to COVID-19, we had the pleasure of listening to more than 25 speakers in 12 technical sessions. This event was a complete success with a high rate of attendees from different companies who enjoyed the talks about the current situation and trends in the operations of windfarms and their technological challenges.

The section in which Green Eagle Solutions collaborated along with RWE dealt with the need for data quality  provided by wind farms and the use of digital tools to get the most out of it . Alejandro Cabrera had the opportunity to present the successful case of the automated remote operations of RWE’s wind farms, and had the support of Antonio González who talked about his first-hand experience with ARSOS, the system developed by Green Eagle Solutions.

The concepts of automation and automatic operation were presented as a unique opportunity to improve the profitability of renewable assets. It was also at this International Summit where the new ARSOS platform was presented for the first time. Alejandro Cabrera showed ARSOS for Intelligent Control as part of a revolutionary platform where artificial intelligence will be the basis of the automatic operations of wind farms.

ARSOS has surpassed our expectations and has proved that we can operate a fleet twice as big with the same resources.

Antonio González, RWE’s Iberian ROC Director


After presenting the main functionalities and features of ARSOS for Intelligent Control, Antonio Gonzalez spoke about the situation of his control center after a substantial increase in the RWE Iberia fleet. This enlargement of renewable assets meant an increase in the number of actions per operator needed, plus working with different technologies that they were not used to before. According to the Iberia control room leader, after relying on ARSOS these past months, RWE’s Control Center has claimed Green Eagle Solutions’ platform to be the best solution to manage its recently enlarged portfolio which would have been impossible to efficiently manage otherwise.

Watch the full speech to discover more about the benefits of autonomous remote operations.

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