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All-in-One Control Platform

Centralizing and Standardizing Your Operations on a single platform

ARSOS is an Open Platform that allows you to control your renewable power plants through a centralized and standardized system.
Visualize your data with customization, based on your needs and preferences.

Multi-Technology & Multi-Brand Connectivity

ARSOS collects real-time data from wind farms and solar plants directly from their on-site devices into a single unified platform to ensure data integrity.

Devices may include:

Asset Control Through Platform

Active role in renewable operation based on turbine specific performance data, operation strategies and environmental conditions.

Perform Start/Stop/Curtail commands to wind turbines and solar inverters manually or under pre-defined workflow logic engine with ARSOS Robot.

Platform Features

Smart notifications system

Automated Calls, Email, Slack or SMS. You can decide through which channel and to whom alerts will be sent.

Custom alerts

Configure single alerts or more complex ones which take into account different inputs.

Gateway to 3rd party platforms

Standardized APIs to collect data from 3rd party data sources such as weather and energy production forecast, spot market price, lightening alarms, etc.

Visualize data on preferred platforms

Analyze your data on platforms including PowerBI, Tableau or any other 3rd business intelligence platforms.

Transparent Analysis & Reporting with Customization

Download daily and monthly reports including energy production, performance KPIs, events and much more.

Customize your dashboard to help you identify trends and behavioral patterns which might be highly impacting assets performance.

Power Control Platform

In order to manage renewable assets, the ARSOS Power Control Platform allows you to manually control your site’s control commands over both your assets and genertion units.

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