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A SaaS platform that deploys software robots across your entire renewable energy fleet

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What is
ARSOS Robot?

Automated Renewables Scalable Operations Software is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) based software that autonomously operates and applies 1:1 care to hundreds of power plants at once.

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Remote Operations Center (ROC)

ARSOS Robot acts as a monitoring and control software for Remote Operations Centers, automating actions that operators usually perform manually, such as start, stop and restart wind turbines or any other renewable asset.


Ensure that curtailments and regulations are applied immediately by automating the connection between your renewable power plants and the local transmission system operator (TSO)

Technical Engineering

ARSOS Robot helps to analyze and improve operational strategies by providing relevant operational information that helps to adapt different protocols to each turbine or technology depending on its conditions.

O&M Team

By automating most of the control room’s processes, the notifications and tasks assigned to the on-site O&M teams are also automated, reducing response times.


ARSOS Robot automates financial and operational reporting to facilitate KPI visibility for renewable asset owners and managers.

Head of Assets Management

ARSOS Robot automates the collection of operational data for easy analysis of KPIs from an analytical, financial and performance perspective.


ARSOS Robot acts as an interface between traders and the TSO so that the operations of your renewable portfolio are executed in accordance with the purchase and sale of energy and according to market rules.

From automated anomaly troubleshooting

ARSOS Robot provides anomaly detection, analysis, and resolution or escalation at WTG and Inverter level.

To optimising grid and spot market participation

From multi-technology portfolio surveillance to automated power curtailment based on grid requirements and market opportunities.

Through to compliance with local restrictions and regulations

We deploy automated operations to enable compliance at scale.


Immediate actions implementation

Automate commands, work orders, and curtailments based on insights and operational strategies.

Operational strategy insurance

Ensure that operational procedures are strictly followed, regardless of workforce conditions.

Fast return on investment

Fast positive return on investment by reducing asset downtime


Compatible with with your existing systems and hardware, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your operations.

“ARSOS has surpassed our expectations and has proven that we can operate a fleet twice as big with the same resources.”

Antonio González

RWE Head of fleet Control Room

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ARSOS is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) based software that autonomously operates and applies 1:1 care to hundreds of turbines at once.